Reco Recycling

RECO Recycling was found in 2019 in Gebze-Kocaeli on a 10.000m2 high tech facility with the "Respectful Recycling" principle and sustainable environment view RECO started it's activities in recycling as a nature sensitive and a beneficior to economy company. As a joint venture of two Malaysian and a Turkish company RECO, provides raw materials to the international market by processing local and imported recyclable products in accordance with the regulations of Turkish Republic Environment and Urban ministry.

Respectful Recycling

RECO Recycling has been carrying out all its activities based on the principle of Respectful Recycling.The focus of this philosophy is Nature and Economy. We believe that in order for a recycling activity to be successful, these 2 issues must have equal sensitivity, and we make all our plans around this belief. For detailed information about our work, you can contact our team or visit our facility.

Respect for Nature
Respect for Humanity


Strive for sustainability

Continuous Innovation