Plastic Raw Material Sale

We produce all kinds of PE and PP raw materials in our facility built around the latest technology. With a wide range ofPE and PP varying in quality and technical specifications, you can request broken or granular plastic materials depending on your needs in your production process.

The first step for a quality end product is to supply the right raw material. In this context, if you convey the technical properties of the raw material you need during the production phase, our experienced production team will carry your production efficiency and quality to the next level by working according to your needs.

For all your requests, you can contact or you can fill the form in our contact section. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Purchase & Sale of Recyclable Plastic Waste

We work with different suppliers from all over the world in line with the needs of our facility. We respond to different customer demands by keeping products with high recycling rate, sorted and classified, in different quality levels in our inventory. We make purchases for the recyclable raw materials in PE and PP class, which are our main focus in production, and support national and international producers in the supply of raw materials.

You can make an offer by reaching us at for all the separated and classified raw materials you have.Our team will evaluate and return to you as soon as possible.

If you need recyclable waste for your production line, you can reach us with sales specifications at .Our team will return to you as soon as possible with different alternatives.